Museum of Nebraska Art
Cut, Formed, Pressed: PAPER
17 October 2014-29 March 2015

At its simplest, paper is an item utilized in our every day life. Yet when placed in the hands of an artist and purposefully manipulated, the most basic becomes a complex., sometimes dimensional artwork that can speak of form, function, or our culture, our land, or our lives. This exhibition is comprised of work created by printers, book artists, sculptors, and painters who have delved into the cutting, forming, folding, pr pressing of paper to create small to monumental works of art.

Artists included are Karen Kunc, Bonnie O’Connell, Joan Hall Marvel Maring, Elmer Holzrichter, Reece Crawford, Ray Tomasso, Charley Friedman, Mary Day, George Neuber, Susan Knight, Ying Zhu, Denise Brady, among others.

Teliza Rodriguez, Curator