Subject To Change: A Conversation with Joan Hall

Joan Hall’s layered, monumental sculptures address how the climate crisis affects human bodies and bodies of water. Her processes and forms start with handmade paper and evolve organically. Part of the mystique in Hall’s work stems from the fact that she uses dry pigments and paper to create water-like surfaces. Her conceptual thinking is as… Read more »

AMAZING NATURE, Silkeborg, Denmark

4 March – 31 December 2023 “You are the one who in the best way gives visual form to the sea and all implications, and still insist on beauty so we can preserve our hopes at the same time a being reminded of fragility ….” Iben From Director KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad Silkebord, Denmark

Where Light Dances: On the Ocean and In My Memories

September 15 – November 12, 2022Opening reception: Thursday, September 15, 6-8pm Childs Gallery is pleased to present Where Light Dances: On the Ocean and In My Memories, an exhibition of new work by Joan Hall. Hall’s mixed media sculptures and installations are inspired by her climate change advocacy and recent personal crisis, building a story… Read more »

Planet Earth, the Environment and our Future

The Waterfire Arts Center, Providence, RI March 19 – May 1 Joan Hall will be exhibiting her Installation Algae Bloom  in an Exhibition that looks at the interconnected nature of our world through Art and Science 

Making Waves

BOSTON, MA – As the largest habitat on our planet, the Earth’s oceans are vast ecosystems of which only a small fraction has been explored. Today, our oceans are greatly endangered by human activity, and recent studies have found that approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean on an annual basis…Read more »

Venice Biennale 2019

11 May to 24 November, 2019.
Preview Events 9-10 May
Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo

Since 2011, PERSONAL STRUCTURES is a recurring theme for the bi-annual Exhibition organized by the…Read more »