The one-person exhibitions and large-scale installations represent my interest in architectural spaces and a polemic debate about humanity’s complex relationship with nature. There is a polemic debate about the beauty of the ocean in contrast with the invasion of plastic, the major culprit polluting the world’s oceans.  There is a constant play between monumentality and intimacy in my work.

The selected exhibitions are examples of Hall’s attention to the architecture of the space in which she is showing. Because the installation works are in multiple pieces or layers the works can be site specific for each exhibit. Algae Bloom, Your Existence is Not Unlike My Own and The Invasion of Hull Cove are a few examples of how the works are transformed by the spaces they occupy.
In the exhibition Global Contamination, cause and effect are opposite each other on the walls, Dead Zone on one wall and Acid Ocean on the other, Going, Going, Gone faces the collection of detritus documented from the Gulf of Mexico, while Hello Sailor occupying the center of the floor is a nod to the the romance of the past.