My 3D works on paper often include inclusions of plastic detritus and glass beads. The works are composed of multiple layers of handmade paper that are printed, laminated to Mylar with acrylic and then hand-cut. Some of the works also have cast paper elements embedded in them.  

Complex constructions are sculpted with the various translucent  layers that undulate  and form away from the wall in various shapes. The works are anchored to the wall with Velcro, and or hand fired glass pins that I have designed. All of the works can be rolled up to ship.

The 3D flat to wall works are created in the same way as the 3D dimensional works except that they are layered flat, not dimensionally.  They are installed with Velcro or hand made glass pins and roll to transport. Swimming with the Silent Killer is the only exception, it is not laminated to Mylar.