Invasion of Hull Cove

Custom wallpaper made from a photograph of invasive Algae on Conanicut Island, RI,

Laser cut steel, hand-painted acrylic.

126 x 247 x 6”

Invasion of Hull Cove is influenced by an experience of walking on a Rhode Island beach after

A storm and seeing pink, fleshy colored vegetation over a foot deep piled on the shoreline. It was beautiful but my gut reaction was that it did not belong. I learned that it was a type of invasive algae that had come from Asia attached to ship hulls and can now survive in the New England climate because of the warming of the ocean.  I immediately took photographs that were used to create the wallpaper. 

The beauty of the piece camouflages the danger represented by the projections of the plant like forms. 

Site specific installation.

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