Invasion Of Hull Cove-the Venice Project

Invasion Of Hull Cove-The Venice Project 2019

18″ x 24″
Cotton, abaca, and linen fiber
Paper Variable Edition produced at Dieu Donne in NYC


3 APs
12 in the edition

AP #2 and #3 kept by the artist

This edition was produced in conjunction with the installation installed in Personal Structures , a satellite show
Curated by The Global Arts Affair, a dutch foundation during the venice biennale. The installation was in palazzo mora
1st floor

The work is made of cotton abaca and flax fibers at Dieu Donne.
A sheet of dark brown cotton pulp was couched,
Next a translucent white linen sheet with water marks was couched
Photographic images printed on washi paper of the invasive algae that is used to create the wallpaper in the edition were laid into the wet pulp
A sheet of blue was made and then rolled by hand on the screen with pulp painting of a different shade of blue with abaca fibers
A sheet of white linen was made and rolled by hand and couched on the piece