Your Existence is Not Unlike My Own

Your Existence is Not Unlike My Own 2012-2019
Bruno David Gallery

65″ x 245″ x 17″ size variable
Handmade paper, pulp painting, printing (collagraph and digital), hand-cut construction, Mylar, acrylic
The piece is made of multiple layers of hand cut, printed translucent papers that are installed with handmade pins.

Influenced by the memory of a building wave, this piece has grown in size and changed in shape each time it is installed. The round discs are digital images using the circular shape from the first photo taken through a microscope of a cancer cell. I have superimposed images of various cancer cells and details of coral in the discs, referring to our relationship to the sea and deterioration over time.

Your Existence is Not Unlike My Own, Silkeborg Art Center, Silkeborg Bad, Denmark 2010
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, TX 2010
Marginal Waters Bruno David Gallery, St Louis, MO 2012
Translating Earth, Transforming Sea, Walton Art Center, Fayetteville, AR 2014
Hear the Ocean Sobbing, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit, MA 2019