Making Waves

MAKING WAVES: Resa Blatman, Joan Hall, Karen Lee Sobol
Childs Gallery Boston, MA March 13- July 15th 2020

Today, the Earth’s oceans are greatly endangered by human activity; with the threat of plastic pollution and warming temperatures, our ocean levels are rising, coral reefs are dying and invasive algae species are spreading worldwide. As this crisis escalates, climate change art attempt to bridge the scientific and visual, making hard data more accessible through an emotional response to art. Making Waves presents the work of three artists, Resa Blatman, Joan Hall, and Karen Lee Sobol, who use their art to address humankind’s relationship to the ocean. Using different media, including painting, printmaking and mixed media installation, these artists advocate for greater awareness of the climate crisis. They create art that is beautifully alarming and cautionary, seeking to affect meaningful change between humans and their environment.

Artwork in Exhibition:
On a Sea of Tears
The New Normal
The Living Reef Series