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Mixed Media Art Studio in Rhode Island

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Joan Hall works in mixed media and large-scale sculptural installations with an emphasis on the materials of handmade paper, glass and metal. She is known for her interest in experimentation and the use of printmaking to create large-scale works and installations in her Rhode Island studio.

Her work combines her need to make art that is visually arresting with her passion for marine advocacy. Hall wants to initiate a conversation about the peril we will face if we choose to ignore climate change. Many of her exhibition installations polarize works about cause and effect, the past and the present, love and loss.    

Hall’s work is exhibited internationally and her most recent installation “ The Invasion of Hull Cove” was included in the European Cultural Center’s “Personal Structures “ a collateral exhibition during the Venice Biennale 2019.

Joan’s work is exclusively represented by Childs Gallery in Boston. Should you wish to acquire her work; commission her to create a work and/or include her work in an exhibition, please contact the gallery directly.
The gallery can be reached at 617-266-1108;
Childs Gallery, 169 Newbury Street, Boston, MA  02116.