Mixed Media Art Studio

Mixed Media Art Studio in Rhode Island

Known for being one of the preeminent handmade paper artists in the United States, Joan Hall of Joan Hall Studios also specializes in creating mixed media art, mixed media sculptures, metal art sculptures, large scale art, and other fine art pieces. She is a leading contemporary mixed media artist and creates most of her best work from her art studio in Rhode Island. Her art has been heralded for evoking a wide range of emotions among people who experience it, and in addition to creating artwork that looks beautiful, she is also a professional artist who seeks to provide a fresh take on many cultural and environmental issues through her work.

At Joan Hall Studios in Rhode Island, Hall spends a lot of time perfecting her printmaking process and creating fine art that she shows all over the world. Using paper, metal, and glass, she is able to make art that expresses her experiences and thoughts in a completely unique and memorable way. She is also a handmade paper artist who looks to raise awareness about important issues, like the deterioration of the world’s seas, though her mixed media sculptures and other fine art.

When Hall is not spending time at Joan Hall Studios in Rhode Island manufacturing insightful mixed media art that speaks to all those who see it, she is a visiting artist and critic who has spent time working in both the U.S. and Europe. Her fine art has also been seen on display in exhibitions at places like the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio and the Silkeborg Art Center in Silkeborg Bad, Denmark. Hall is also a professional artist who is committed to continuing her push to develop innovative new techniques that will help produce powerful fine art works that relate to the environment and her long-time fascination with the sea.

In addition, Hall is available for commissioned work and has provided people from all over the U.S. with distinct mixed media art created at her art studio in Rhode Island. Her work can invigorate any room, whether it’s a metal art sculpture, large-scale art, or any other distinct piece she may create for her clients.

To obtain more information about the fine art Hall has created in the past or to ask a question about commissioning mixed media art, contact her today.