Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor 2012
144″ x 168″ x 30″

Cast handmade flax paper, salt, found detritus glass, etched steel panels with images of Sailor’s tattoos, wood

The work references “days gone by” where a steel floor was created and slated much like the hull of a wrecked ship. The floor is etched with tattoos signing the old days of sailing when tattoos had specific meaning for sailors. Interspersed with the pig, the rooster and the  swallow (which meant a sailor had traveled 1000 miles on the ocean), were tattoos of the boats I had owned, adding a touch of my own history. On top of the floor are detritus covered with paper pulp, frozen in time. Objects that are representative of detritus that would break down in the ocean, glass, metal, fiber based ropes…..

Marginal Waters, Bruno David Gallery, St Louis, MO 2012
Red sky in Mourning, Perkinson Gallery, Milliken Gallery, Decatur, IL 2013
Gulf Project II, Lindenwood College, St Charles, MO 2014
Translating Earth, Transforming Sea, Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR 2014
Global Contamination: The Gulf Project, The Meadows Museum, Shreveport, LA 2019
Global Contamination: It’s All One Sea, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, Hamilton, OH 2020