Paper Revisioned

Paper Re-Visioned

Installation:  Heart of the Sea 2001

Direktor Iben From

Kunst Centret Silkeborg Bad, DENMARK

With the presentation of the exhibition Papir Set Pany/Paper Revisioned trends are connected with the history of Silkeborg – the city grew up from the 1940’s around a papermill, secondly a number of important artists, who today internationally works with the paper as the medium in their art works. As one will see paper is also in artistic context many different things. The exhibition and the catalogue give the visitors and the readers the possibility to get knowledge about paper as a carrier of cultural signals and about the working methods of the artists. They have all, for years worked with this medium.

Anne Vilsboll Curator

The title of this exhibition refers to Silkeborg’s paper history and to paper as an artist means of expression. Excitement was also the key to choosing the participating artists. These are artists whose works I have encountered at museums and galleries in Germany, Holland, Spain, and the US and Denmark throughout the past 20 years. The works of the invited artists did, on my first viewing of them, etched themselves into my memory in a very special manner. They met with sympathy and understanding thanks to their particular language-a language I sense strong ties to. It is this excitement in encountering the work that has inspired the contact to the participating artists.

The participating artists are:

Frederic Amat/Spain
Naomi and Masakasu Kobayashi/Japan
Joan Hall/USA
Natan Kaaren/Israel
Felix Droese/Germany
Michel Scarpa/France
Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke/France
Steen Lundstrom/Denmark
Dietmar Buttner/Germany
Anne Vilsboll/Denmark