Translating Earth, Transforming Sea

Walton Arts Center

Translating Earth, Transforming Sea:

Shawn Bitters, Joan Hall and Laura Moriarty

May 1 – August 8

Joy Pratt Markham Gallery, Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville

This Artosphere exhibition Transforming Earth, Translating Sea features works by three National and International artists — Shawn Bitters, Joan Hall and Laura Moriarty —whose sculptural transformations take inspiration from geologic or oceanic change. Their multi-layered sculptures are composite forms that integrate distinct materials, creative strategies and sources of inspiration. Bitters and Moriarty create works that capture their fascination with geologic phenomena, while Hall’s work demonstrates her lifelong affinity for the sea. All three artists evoke larger processes and invite viewers to reflect upon the way our experience of nature is shaped by art.

This exhibition was curated by Andrea Packard, Curator Swarthmore College, PA

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