Commissioned Artwork



While many of the mixed media art projects completed at Joan Hall Studios by sculptor and mixed media artist Joan Hall end up on display at exhibitions throughout the country and world, Hall also creates commissioned artwork. She utilizes the latest mixed media art techniques like printmaking to create works according to the specifications of those wishing to obtain art from her. She has mixed media prints and other works of art hanging in different locations throughout the U.S.

The Power of Blue is a very well-known project of hers. Hall was commissioned by the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Washington University in St. Louis to create this piece. Her inspiration for the commissioned artwork came during her research when she discovered an old Aztec medical text from the 1500s. Her Waves of Change mixed media art is another mixed media art project that Hall has created on commission. It was commissioned by McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc. and was created from handmade paper, Mylar, and resin.

All of the commissioned artwork by Hall is completely unique and created at Joan Hall Studios. People from all walks of life appreciate the mixed media art techniques she employs, and as you can tell by looking at her work, much of it illustrates her deep love and commitment to nature and, more specifically, the sea. She is always working on new mixed media art projects and striving to bring new ideas to life.

If you would like to obtain more information about the commissioned artwork created by Hall, you can contact Joan Hall Studios today.