About Joan Hall - Mixed Media Artist in Rhode Island

Professional Artist in Rhode Island


Sculptor Joan Hall uses paper, metal, and glass to produce large-scale works and installations. She uses contemporary techniques of papermaking and printmaking to produce color and texture in her work. Trained as a printmaker and ceramicist, Hall was drawn to handmade paper as a graduate student. As coordinator of the Printmaking Department at Washington University, she designed the space in Bixby Hall to compliment the tradition of large-scale and non-traditional teaching that she and Peter Marcus emphasized. When she became master papermaker—and later, director—of Island Press, Hall introduced the sensibility of handmade paper, and work that was both dimensional and non-rectangular, to the visiting artists. In her role as Island Press master papermaker, she worked with Juan Sanchez, Frida Baranek, Hung Liu, Shimon Okshtyn, and Ann Hamilton. Hall currently teaches papermaking and installation in the Sculpture Department.

Recently, Hall’s large-scale installations have been shown in one-person exhibitions at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio and the Silkeborg Art Center in Silkeborg Bad, Denmark. She has created large-scale public works in paper and steel for the Goldberg School of Nursing at Washington University and in contemporary glass for the Lambert Airport in St. Louis (in production). Her work has also been shown in Currents 79 at the Saint Louis Art Museum, at The Rijswijk, Appledoorn, and Aemstelle Museums (Holland); The Hillwood Museum (New York); The 26th Print International at the Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York); Paper Re-Visioned at the Silkeborg Art Center (Denmark); the Budapest Museum of Art (Hungary); the Leopold-Hoesch Museum (Germany); and the Nordjylands Museum (Denmark).

Hall’s work has been published in numerous books, including Critical Mass (MacMillian, UK);Papermaking for Printers (A & C Black, UK); Nouvel Objet V (Korea); Artforms, 6th edition (Longman Press, New York); Artforms, 5th edition (Harper-Collins, New York); The History of Paper (Weinard Verlag, Germany); Paper Mageri II (Borgen Publishers, Denmark); andThe Art of Papermaking (Davis Publishing, Worchester, MA).

Hall has received numerous research and exhibition grants, including a grant from the Danish National Arts Council and two MAA-NEA Grants in both papermaking and printmaking.