The inspiration for The Power of Blue came from my research at the rare book library at Washington University where I discovered the Badinus Manuscript, an Aztec medical text of healing plants from 1552. It is considered the first medical text of the Americas. It is combined with my interest in protecting the environment, specifically the sea. Experts have said that the world’s oceans may harbor the next generation of powerful, healing drugs. Already, doctors are working with horseshoe crab blood (blue in color) to detect dangerous endo-toxins within the body and a type of blue-green algae shows promise as the next treatment for cancer. Captured in the swirling nets are images of healing plants and horseshoe crabs. We are connected to the ocean as we have the same amount of salt in our blood as is in the ocean.

Commission for Goldfarb School of Nursing
Washington University, St. Louis
Through generous support from Bunny and Charles Burson

The Power of Blue, Joan Hall – 2008

Installation Photos:

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